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October Stitching Intentions

I have the best of intentions when it comes to getting a certain amount of work done on this or that project, but life intervenes.  I started Ivy Pixie by Mirabilia in September and meant to set it aside and finish up Heirloom Christmas Sampler by Thea Dueck (Victoria Sampler) but that didn’t happen.  I came back from vacation and was inundated with work related stress.  So the way I handle that is by stitching an involved piece.  I started “Father Christmas with Toys” by Yvonne Gilbert (Michele Sayetta – Heaven and Earth Designs).  I love stitching Christmas designs.  However, Christmas is around the corner and that means I’ll have to focus on what I can get done between now and then.  That means I have to put “Father Christmas” on the back burner for now.  So I picked up “Ivy” again and took a progress picture last night:

I am stitching “Ivy” for my mother.  I am going to be starting another piece called “Christmas Tree 2007” by Mirabilia as soon as it gets to me in the mail.  The christmas tree is really sweet looking and will be a housewarming/Christmas gift for my mother.  She just bought a condo and will be moving into it in November.

This weekend I am going to be participating in a workshop being put on by my stitching guild (Town Clock Stitchers – Halifax NS).  The teacher is Lynn Payette.  The piece is called “Peony.”  I’ll be posting pictures of the workshop over the weekend.


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