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Peony – with picture

This weekend I took part in a workshop being sponsored by my stitching guild (Town Clock Stitchers).  The guest teacher was Lynn Payette. 

The piece (a cranberry coloured Peony) is a mixture of fabric application and needlework.  We started with a 10×10 piece of white congress cloth with the outline drawn on the fabric and different shades of green and cranberry fabrics for the leaves and flower petals. 

To prepare the coloured fabric we had to iron on Wonder Under, then pick which colours to use for each part, trace the shape and cut out the leaf or petal.  There was a lot of shading to deal with and Lynn was very good at describing what we had to take into consideration when making our colour choices.  I found this the most difficult part because I don’t design cross stitch patterns I just stitch them. 

Saturday was spent preparing the fabric and getting most of the leaves and a few petals ironed onto the congress cloth.  On Sunday we were all far enough along that Lynn started showing us the what to do about stitching onto the piece.  The viens on the leaves are done in fly stitch.   I’ve done that stitch before on beginner crewel embroidery but it never came out looking very good.  Lynn explained to us how to do the stitch properly and have it come out looking good everytime.  Then a sparkly green colour is whip stitched to the center vien of each petal and a black-gold cord couched down around the edge of each leaf to give it further definition. There is cord couched down around each petal.  Lynn showed us how to make the cord from DMC floss and then gave us some tips on couching. 

My status as of last night is that I have all of the leaves and petals ironed on, and half of the leaves completed (with stitching).  I am actually very pleased with my colour selections, they help make the flower seem to have depth.   

There were 18 of us participating in the workshop.  Fourteen from our own guild, 1 from Alderney Gate guild (Dartmouth, NS), 2 from the Marigold Guild (Truro, NS) and one from the Lady Slipper Guild (Charlottetown, PE).  I think we all enjoyed ourselves.

If you ever have the chance to take a class from Lynn Payette I strongly recommend that you do.   She is a very good teacher and can explain and demonstrate in a way that makes sense.  I took a correspondance course from EAC (embroiderer’s association of Canada) last fall (crewel embroidery) and ended up not finishing because I didn’t like what I was doing.  I will pick it up again after Christmas and re-do all the fly stitching.  I will definitely finish the Lynn’s Peony this month though.

Unfortunately I don’t have any pictures yet, but as soon as I do I’ll be posting them.


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