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Line ’em up and knock ’em down?

I don’t know about finishing things, I certainly do start a lot.  Not into the new year and I’ve already decided to add to my “work” load.  Definitely doing a correspondance course through EAC.  

Last night we had our monthly meeting.  The programme was a small casalguidi flower with a stem and leaf teaching three basic stitches.  I didn’t do well on my first try with the detached buttonhole, but with practice I think I could get it.  The woven leaf and wrapped stem were easy for me to catch onto. 

We are deciding which group courses to take through the Embroiderer’s Association of Canada (EAC).  I’ve looked at the Casalguidi option and now that I know what the basic stitches are and roughly how to do them I feel confident that I could do the correspondance course.  There are several women who have already taken the Casalguidi Group Course offered by EAC (and last night they were all helping out with demonstrating the stitches). 

I was looking at Martina Webber’s newest Châtelaine Christmas Mystery 5.  Her colour scheme is: creams, whites, pearls, pastels, gold and silver, beads and crystals.  Sigh.  I’m such a sucker for Christmas needlework.  I don’t know yet how much the materials are but I am going purchase it. 

I’ve been working on Heirloom Christmas Sampler by Victoria Sampler since I finished Christmas Tree 2007.  Here is the latest progress picture:


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Finished Christmas Present

I finished Christmas Tree 2007 tonight.  The beads are all on.  Now I have to frame it before Christmas.  I’m going to work on the Peony for a little bit.  I find cross stitching relaxing in general but working on something that has no self imposed deadline is a naughty pleasure.

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Christmas Tree 2007

I’ve started putting the beads onto the tree.  I’m hoping to have it done in a couple of weeks.  I think that my Mom is going to love it.  After I finish this I am going to focus on the non-gift stuff.  The Town Clock Stitchers have a stitch-in this Saturday and I am going to bring my peony and work on that.