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Heirloom Christmas Sampler Update..among other things

I’ve signed up for Christmas Mystery V and have ordered both the kit (threads, metallics and beads) from European Crosstitch Company and the fabric from Silkweaver.  

Hopefully the threads and fabric work.  The down side of it is that the threads won’t get here until later in January.  Oh well, something the look forward to. 

The Town Clock Stitchers had our December dinner last week.  We did the draw for the Night Before Christmas ornaments.  It was the most successful fund raiser they’ve ever done and we all believe that is due to presentation and theme.  Next year we are going to do The Twelve Days of Christmas.  The last stitch in for the year is next weekend.

 I’ve got my Christmas decorating done.  I have the tree up and my nativity set out.


I’ve continued working on Heirloom Christmas Sampler. I love the red and green. 

Next weekend I’ll finish my Christmas shopping.  I don’t want to get stuff for the sake of getting stuff.  I want to get something that the person will use.  I don’t like it when I get presents that not much thought was put into it.  Sure it’s cute, but ‘what-am-I-going-to-do-with-it’ presents don’t interest me.  I would much rather get a book about a stitching technique or something that compliments my interests.  Of course there are times where I cop out and get a gift that I wouldn’t want someone to give me.  This year I am not falling into that trap.  I’ve done up a list and will stick to it. 


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