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I started my EAC correspondance course this week.  Since it gets graded I’ve been more particular than normal.  While doing the four sided modified stitch the instructions indicate you turn your work 180 degrees at the end of each row which keeps the vertical stitches uniform.  Think I could keep track of that….no.  So a few of my vertical stitches were looking funny.  I pulled out the funny looking ones and re-did them.  I got my head around it and finished the stitches without turning the fabric.    Once the background was done I started the padded stitch which is where it starts getting into being casalguidi.  I placed it where the instructions said and got the foundation all ready.  Once again you have to turn the fabric 180 degrees at the end of each row, and once again I was having difficulty with it.  Until I clued in and placed a pin on the half that I was working on so I could remember.  Then once I finished a row I changed the pin to the other half and turned the fabric.  After that I made good progress 🙂  There are two padded stitches on the piece and I have gotten one of them completed.

Here is a picture of first stage of the padded stitch:

Here is a picture of the finished padded stitch:

Last weekend there was a stitch-in held by J.  At that point I only had the basting done on my fabric.  J has a surger…my new favourite thing.  At the time she was at the point I am at now, with the four sided stitching done and the first padded stitch completed.  It was Sunday and only myself and another person were able to get there, whereas on Saturday there were about 11 women.  Anyway, J showed us what she had done and we talked about her trial and error issues with the instructions and the actuall stitching.  It was very helpful to have talked it through before beginning my own. 

As an aside, that afternoon it had started storming in Halifax.  The snow was just coming straight down really fast.  I travel by bus and that was the most stressful bus ride I have ever been through.  The trip would normally take 30-45 minutes with all the stops, but the driver had to go much slower because the roads weren’t plowed or salted.  Everytime the driver made a stop the bus would slide forward and to the curb a little.  At one point the bus stopped behind another, I looked and saw that it was the next bus I would have to transfer to.  So I got out and onto the other bus which goes straight over to Dartmouth where I live.  Well there is a sharp turn from Spring Garden Rd onto Barrington St coming off a slight downward hill.  It is never good when the bus driver puts on his seat belt and the person you are sitting next to crosses herself!  The bus made the turn without incident though and I got home safely. 

Back to stitching though, there is an Town Clock Stichers Stitch-In tomorrow that I am going to.  See how the other people doing Casalguidi have gotten along and what the other group correspondance projects are looking like so far. 

Now for the SBQ:

Do you have any projects that you have scrapped and started over? What
made you start over from scratch?

Yep.  I started Peace Rose by Silver Lining and had to start over because I had set it down for too long and being 1 over 1 I couldn’t figure out where I had left off.  It was only a small area at that point so no big deal.  I have also scrapped Peace Angel by Marilynn Leavitt-Imblum and started over because you are supposed to use three strands of floss and I was going back and forth between two and three.  Didn’t look right to my eye.

Those are the ones that stand out in my mind, it just struck me that they both have the name ‘peace’ in their title.  Possible sub-concious issues involved there?? 😉


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