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March Town Clock Stitchers Meeting

This month we had a guest speaker in to give a talk on framing.  She covered lacing technique, what type of board to lace the project to, matte board, glass or no glass, custom frames or store bought frames, depth of frame vs. thickness of foam core board, how to put paper on the back of the frame (this was cool and new to me), and adding bumpers to the back of the frame so it will hang flat on the wall.  It was definitely an interesting talk.  I can refine some of the things that I do while framing a peice and apply the new stuff as well. 

The guild members have gotten over half of our fundraising stitching completed.  We are doing two sets of “12 Days of Christmas” ornies and we now have one complete set done.  We’ll be dedicating May and June stitch-ins to the finishing of the ornies.   We are ahead of ourselves this year and will probably manage to have both sets of ornies done in time to include them at our display at Scott Manor House in Bedford this summer.

In April our program committee is teaching us shadow work.  I am really looking forward to it.  I saw an example  at last year’s Scott Manor house exhibit.  I don’t really know how to explain it at this point, but I’ll have a picture after the April meeting.

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Biscornu or cat toy?

I was quite pleased with myself.  My first biscornu completed.  Granted it is not perfect, but for my first attempt I am ok with it.  I stuffed it, closed it up and set it down on the table next to my chair.  I don’t have any buttons to finish it with yet.  This morning when I was getting ready for work I saw the the biscornu on the floor in my room.  One of my cats has decided that it should be a cat toy instead.  Luckily it wasn’t pulled at, only transferred from one room to another.  I rescued the biscornu from the floor and set it on top of my bureau.  I should have put it away in something, but was in a rush.  If I find it on the floor again I suppose that will tell me that they think a little too strongly that it should be a cat toy. 

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February TCS Meeting

The program for February’s meeting was to finish the little purse/needlecase.  I didn’t have fabric to finish the inside with, but paid attention to the finishing instructions and there are plenty of people to ask for advice. 

The patterns for our annual Christmas fund raiser were handed out at the meeting.  The theme is 12 Days of Christmas and we are stitching 2 sets.  I am going to stitch two (3 French Hens and 4 Calling Birds).  I’ve got #4 finished and will be done #3 in a couple of days.  Everyone pitches in on the fund raiser, either stitching or finishing.  I missed last year’s finishing stitch-in and am looking forward learning how to finish an ornament. 

I’ve gotten a little more done on the Casalguidi. I’ve taken a little break to finish up the second ornament.

While following the pattern for the right hand petals I found that they aren’t as close together as they appear in the course picture.  Oh well.  I might re-do the petals again, this time looser.