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February TCS Meeting

The program for February’s meeting was to finish the little purse/needlecase.  I didn’t have fabric to finish the inside with, but paid attention to the finishing instructions and there are plenty of people to ask for advice. 

The patterns for our annual Christmas fund raiser were handed out at the meeting.  The theme is 12 Days of Christmas and we are stitching 2 sets.  I am going to stitch two (3 French Hens and 4 Calling Birds).  I’ve got #4 finished and will be done #3 in a couple of days.  Everyone pitches in on the fund raiser, either stitching or finishing.  I missed last year’s finishing stitch-in and am looking forward learning how to finish an ornament. 

I’ve gotten a little more done on the Casalguidi. I’ve taken a little break to finish up the second ornament.

While following the pattern for the right hand petals I found that they aren’t as close together as they appear in the course picture.  Oh well.  I might re-do the petals again, this time looser.


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