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Getting close to finishing…

I have been working on Teresa Wentzler’s Holly and Ivy Sampler for a few years now.  I had finished the white work but didn’t like what I had done.  So I pulled out all the white and started it over.  I wanted to do the eyelets properly.  Last night I finished putting the blending filament over the netting.  Ugh, what a job that was.  Now I can fill in the rest of it.  I have the top-left corner done.

You can see a bit of the light reflected off the blending filament.

I am close to finishing my EAC Casalguidi course.





4 thoughts on “Getting close to finishing…

  1. Thanks. The blending filament gives the white a bit of sparkle, but the picture doesn’t pick up on it very well. I’ll try getting a picture that shows it once I am finished.

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