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What’s new…

I have finished my EAC correspondance course.  I am super busy at work and when I get home in the evenings I don’t want to spend more than a couple of minutes on the computer so I’ll post the pictures I have of my piece and those of my group members on the weekend. 

I am soooo close to finishing Teresa Wentzler’s Holly and Ivy Sampler.  I’m doing the back stitching of the gold coloured border and then will do the beads.

I was looking around Heaven and Earth Designs and found a category just for cats.  Cool.  So I was looking around and found one that I just had to have.  The artwork is done by Myrea Pettit and of course the pattern is produced by Michele Sayetta.  I love it.  I bought it right away and downloaded it. It’s called ‘Cat Anemones’.  I started it last night:)  Went through my DMC and found the colours that I have and will be getting the ones I am missing at lunch time. 

Cat Anemones

I also came across ‘Gossamar Princess’ storykeep.  Artwork by Selina Fenech.  I like it, and felt the need to add it to my stash.

Gossamar Princess Storykeep


2 thoughts on “What’s new…

  1. Gossamar Princess is stunning. I’ve a Selina Fenech piece, Bubbles, barely started and seeing this piece I now want to buy it and get working on my other piece.

    Stitching lust is such a bad place for me! I’m trying to clean up my WIP not make more.


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