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Finished Beginner Casalguidi Course

I finished my Casalguidi piece, except for the tassles.  I also have pictures of the pieces that the other members of my group finished. 

This one was stitched by me.


Stitched by A (white on white)


Stitched by J (ecru on ecru)


Stitched by P (white on white)


The pieces were finished into Sachets.  Here is a picture of J’s piece with the tassles.  The edges of the fabric were finished with Antique Hemstitching and joined by lacing Knotted Buttonhole Stitches.



4 thoughts on “Finished Beginner Casalguidi Course

  1. Melissa, that is such a lovely piece! I’ve only just found your lovely blog and have enjoyed browsing through the various steps of this project – very instructive!

  2. The Casaguildi pieces are gorgeous! This is a techinique I want to learn but have not yet had the opportunity. And thanks for the link!

  3. Oh, how beautiful!! I have the opportunity to take a course with EGA this Fall. If I sign up, I get the course materials in Jan or Feb 2009. I’m thinking to give it a try. Your project, and the projects of your friends are outstanding : ) Job well done!

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