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I was doing a search for Margaret Sherry Designs and I discovered that the Cross Stitcher  magazine has a blog.  You can get PDF versions of the charts that they feature in their magazine.  I was able to get all the letters of Margaret Sherry’s animal alphabet to date (A-F).  I haven’t had a chance to read through the blog but from what I see it is definitely worth a visit.

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May 27 Town Clock Stitchers Meeting

Here is the biscornu that I made for the Town Clock Stitcher’s Brown Bag Surprise Challenge. 

Biscornu  biscornu

Last night was the last Town Clock Stitchers meeting until September.  We have our “June Social” in a couple of weeks and there are two more stitch-ins.  In July there is an exhibit at Scott Manor House in Bedford the week of Monday, July 28 to Sunday, August 3.  

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More Stash

I was working on Christmas Mystery V and realized that I had not made the border wide enough for the contents.   Grrrr.  Now I know that silk fibres are easier to frog than cotton.  I used my trusty seam ripper and took out the right hand side of the border.  I think that I will do the contents before closing the border back up. 

I came across a mention of Book of Ink Circles  (BoInk) in a blog and am definitely going to add it to the WIP pile.  I am going to do the gold frames in metallic Rainbow Gallery Petite Treasure Braid PB01.  I have the border on the corner done and the border of the first installment completed as well.   

A friend of mine is getting married this July and I am working on a piece for her.  Of course I ran out of the Glissen Gloss that is required and have to stop and wait for my order.  Once I finish the gift I’ll post a pic and details on the pattern.  I really like the Glissen Gloss Rainbow 000 so I ordered two.  I also ordered more PB01 for BoInk. 

I was looking around Martina Webber’s other designs and decided to order the Alhambra Garden kit (fabric, metalics, beads and pattern) from European Cross Stitch Company in California.  My favourite colour is blue, and there are a lot of blues in this one.  I have always wanted to do one of Martina’s Gardens.

As part of my spree I ordered three A-Z books from Nordic Needle.  The two embroidery ones and one on Crewel work.  I like the idea of crewel work, but not working with wool.  I have seen crewel work done with cotton floss, so I’ll probably try that at one point.  I found out about the A-Z series of reference books from the women at my guild, and am glad that I got a few.  The binding is coiled so it lies flat and the pictures demonstrating the stitches are really nice.  There is one on needlepainting that I have my eye on but I’ll wait until the fall to get that one. 

Now I have to sit down and decide what I want to work on the most.  I don’t really stick to a rotation on pieces that are just for me.  I’ll have to organize my thoughts on that one. 

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Town Clock Stitchers April 29 Meeting

I wrote this a while ago, but haven’t felt like being on the computer much.  Been crazy busy at work for the past few weeks and after being on the computer all day I tend not to go on-line at home and cross  stitch instead.

Our monthly meeting went well.  We have a ‘show and tell’ portion at the beginning of each meeting.  Members that have finished items they would like to display bring them in and write the details about the piece on a card.  We have one person (J) who holds up the finished work and reads out the card.  There were several things for show.  I brought in two (Holly & Ivy Sampler (w/o beads) and Grapes and Quilts), there was a hardanger Christmas piece, crewel work done with floss rather than wool (which I really liked), a finished Peony, and a Richeleu (sp?) pillow.  

The program for the meeting was Shadow work.  B displayed a piece at our Scott Manor House exhibit last summer and announced that it would be taught for one of the programs this year.  We’ve all been looking forward to it.  The program committe prepared fabric (milano) that is opaque and outlined the pattern of a little flower.  The actual technique is very simple, do a back stitch on one side of a petal and cross over to do a backstitch on the opposite side of the same petal.  The ‘right’ side of the fabric looks like its been outlined in back stitch and the ‘wrong’ side has a herringbone pattern that fills in the petal.  Seen from the right side of the fabric the petal takes on a very soft colour.  It works up quickly and is very enjoyable.