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Town Clock Stitchers June Saturday Stitch-In

Since all of the ornaments are stitched for our Christmas Fund raiser (2 sets of ’12 Days of Christmas’) the guild can concentrate on finishing the ornies.  The June Friday Stitch-In produced the hand made cord that goes around the ornie, enough for all of them.  On Saturday we sewed the backing fabric to the ornie, turned them right side out, stuffed them and started to sew on the cord and close the ornie. 

12 Days of ChristmasOrnament with twisted cord applied

I discovered that I am not very good at sewing on the cord.  It was frustrating for me and I ended up giving myself a headache. 

I am currently working on a few things…of course.   I am working on a wedding gift.  Stitching the Rose from Tea Garden by Marilynn Leavitt-Imblum.  One of my favourite patterns and I keep it on hand to stitch a gift when needed.  My friend’s name is Rose and I have been meaning to stitch it for her for ages, but never got around to it.  I am going to put their names and the date of the wedding underneath the Rose. 

My Mom has a birthday coming up and I am going to be stitching her Fairy Grandmother (with brown hair) as per her request.  It’s one of those milestone birthdays so I got her to pick out the pattern.  I wouldn’t have thought to stitch it for her, but she loves the colours and it will go well with her colour scheme in the bedroom. 

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What the BoInk am I up to?

I’ve gotten two of the three parts stitched.  I am going to stitch the border as I go to make sure I don’t count wrong.  Here is my progress so far:

Book of Ink

I’ve been doing some work on Christmas Mystery V as well. I don’t work on one part until it’s done, I jump around and work on what I feel like working on.  This is a completed Part 5 (except for the beads of course).


The newest addition to my WIP pile (or mountain) is Martina Webber’s Watergarden Mandala.  I’ve got this one on my lap frame, so I am going to do the beads as I go. 


Wedding season is coming up and I have been invited to a friend’s wedding in July.  I am working on the Rose (because her name is Rose) from Marilyn Leavitt-Imblum’s Tea Garden.  I am working on 36 count linen and I’ll stitch their names and wedding date in gold Japan thread underneath the Rose.