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I attended a wedding last weekend and when I got back I decided to move a week early just to get it over with.  So I haven’t had any time to cross stitch in the evenings.  Nearly a whole week without stitching.  I didn’t really start missing it until last night when I had all my furniture and boxes moved into the new place and I don’t get the cable hooked up until Monday morning.  My brother and a friend of his helped me move the heavy stuff (nearly all of it was heavy) and I moved clothes, linens and other small items.  There was 90% humidity so the three of us were soaked and I made sure that we all kept drinking water and gatorade.  I moved up two floors in the same building and don’t have to turn in the keys to the old place until Tuesday night.  So this evening after it cools off (and after my brother and I have gone to see ‘Dark Knight’) we are going to finish up downstairs (cleaning floors and mostly removing cat hair from the carpet around the baseboards) and he’ll help me arrange the furniture in the new place.  I am so thankful that my brother is helping me, I wouldn’t have been able to do it without him. 

I start vacation in two weeks and I’m looking forward to that.  I’ll be home for one week and then visiting family on PEI for the second week.  Plenty of time to putter around and unpack.  Now that I have a second bedroom I can use it for storing my cross stitch supplies and ongoing projects in.  It’ll be a craft room/guest bedroom.  My new apartment is on the harbour side of my building and I get the breeze off the water.  I swear it it 5-10 degrees cooler than my old apartment.  I haven’t had to use my fans since I got up here, whereas I would have to downstairs.  Anyway, I’ll be posting pics next weekend.  I am hosting at the Scott Manor house exhibit on either Saturday or Sunday (don’t know which yet) and I’ll be taking pictures of the exhibit.


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