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One letter down, two to go

I’m stitching three of Margaret Sherry’s Animal Alphabet that has been published by the Cross Stitcher.  A friend became a grandmother for the first time and the baby has a short name (Eva), so I offered to stitch the name so she can give it to her for Christmas.

As an aside, the same friend started some Morning Glories for me.  I have two planters on my balcony and only got one bloom all summer!  B said it was probably because she put in too much fertilizer.  The one flower was pretty though.

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Halifax Townclock Stitchers Meetings start soon

The 2008-09 year starts up for the Town Clock Stitchers this month, including our two monthly stitch-ins.  There was a stitch in Friday that I couldn’t go to because of work, and then there is another stitch-in on Saturday, September 20th.  I’m looking forward to that so I can catch up with what people have been doing.  Our regular meetings are on the last Tuesday of each month and September’s falls on the 30th. 

Here is a picture of “Fairy Grandmother”.  I got a lot of stitching done during my vacation.  I should be done within the month.  Yippee.