Canvas Work · Carolyn Mitchell · Finished


I finished the Carolyn Mitchell design, “Mystique”.  Here are some pictures from start to finish.  I love it!!















4 thoughts on “Mystique

  1. How long did this piece take you, I’m anxious to start, taking it next fall 2010. It looks beautiful – how are you finishing it?

    1. It didn’t take long. I came back from seminar late May and was finished by the third week in July. I’m going to be framing it. I’m not into throw pillows and it’s too pretty not to put on the wall. Which colour way are you stitching? The other one was turquoise/green.

  2. Oh, I’m glad I found this. Carolyn was at my LNS this spring and was just finishing this, but I didn’t get a picture. A few weeks later, the LNS booked Carolyn to teach this next September (2010), but she didn’t have a picture, either. I signed up, remembering that it was gorgeous, but not remembering details. I think I signed up for this colorway.

    Thanks! And congratulations on the beautiful finish.

  3. Hi Melissa,
    My name is Oriana and I am Italian.
    I recently discovered your wonderful blog because I was looking
    design ‘s Mystique Carolyn
    I wrote to Carolyn Mitchell for this, unfortunately she
    told me that the class is finished.
    I ask you if you can buy this pattern
    or otherwise make a trade. I have many designs
    canvaswork., Tony Minieri, Jean Hilton, Jim Wurth,
    NeedleTreasure delight, and so on.

    Tell me if this is possible. I do not speak English use
    the translator, I hope you understand me.
    thanks in advance
    ciao from Italy

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