I read alot.  I came across murder mysteries by Monic Ferris.  Her main character, Betsy, solves crimes and owns a needlwork store called Crewel World (also the title of the first book in the series).  The mysteries naturally revolve around, or stem from, hinge upon, stitching related topics.  Reading her books reminds me of the sense of companionship that having a conversation about needlework with other like-minded people makes you feel.    It’s relatable.  Anyway, I’ve decided to read all of them and have been borrowing them from the library.  I didn’t read the first one but have read the second one, Framed in Lace, and am currently reading A Stitch In Time.  It’s fun and panders to my hobby. 


A Stitch In Time by Monica Ferris c.2000
A Stitch In Time by Monica Ferris c.2000


I guess I’ll start mentioning what I am reading.  Some books I save for reading while on the way to and from work, or for reading a half hour each night before bedtime…meaning they don’t get in the way of my stitching.  Other books consume my attention until the book is done and I get don’t stitch much or at all.


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