Cross-Stitch · WIP

The Queen’s Treasure Chest

So I charged the battery for my camera and took pictures of what I’ve got stitched so far.  The only parts I haven’t finished are the gathered pockets that go around the sides.  I ran out of 4mm ribbon for the spider web roses on this part.  I still have some left, but definitely not enough to finish the gathered pockets.  I also haven’t put the beads on yet.  I figure that I’ll do that after all the ribbon roses have been completed.  The pattern is from The Cat’s Whiskers.  The instructions are very clear and step by step for making the box.  While I have never done this type of project before the instructions are good and I’m not worried. 


February Hardanger

I stitched my February hardanger piece from Nordic Needle. 

I have been working on The Queen’s Treasure Chest by Cat’s Whiskers but when I went to take pictures a few minutes ago the camera batteries went dead on me.  So I’ll post pictures of that later. 

I am going on a business trip to Toronto this Sunday and I come home Monday night.  I am going up early Sunday morning so that I can get some quality museum time in before 5pm (all the museums close at 5 on Sunday).  I am going to the Textile Museum of Canada and then to the Art Gallery of Ontario where the King Tut exhibit is.  I can take pics at the textile museum but not at the art gallery.