February Hardanger

I stitched my February hardanger piece from Nordic Needle. 

I have been working on The Queen’s Treasure Chest by Cat’s Whiskers but when I went to take pictures a few minutes ago the camera batteries went dead on me.  So I’ll post pictures of that later. 

I am going on a business trip to Toronto this Sunday and I come home Monday night.  I am going up early Sunday morning so that I can get some quality museum time in before 5pm (all the museums close at 5 on Sunday).  I am going to the Textile Museum of Canada and then to the Art Gallery of Ontario where the King Tut exhibit is.  I can take pics at the textile museum but not at the art gallery.


2 thoughts on “February Hardanger

  1. Hi. Not sure if you will reply as your blog is old, but just wanted to ask something about Hardanger ornie. I completed the first ever Hardanger in 50 years of embroidery and cross stitch (lol) and want to back the design so that I can hang it without seeing the back. I know I would have to leave spaces for the openings of the kloster blocks to show through, but is there some way besides making a true ornament to back the Hardanger in a flat manner. Thank you so much. 🙂

    1. Whenever I have finished a hardanger ornie I put a contrasting colour underneath to show through the open areas. I finish it like any other ornament. I don’t finish it in a way that leaves the openings clear from front to back. It depends on the design. What is the pattern?

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