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It’s been awhile :)

I’ve been improving my crochet skills and doing less needlework.  I have taken a break from the crochet and am now working more consistently on Tuscan Midnight by Needle Delights Originals.  It’s the blue colour way and it feels more like a polar midnight to me.

Here is my latest progress picture.

Tuscan Midnight - Needle Delights (blue colourway)

3 thoughts on “It’s been awhile :)

  1. I found your blog today and enjoyed viewing your stitching. I kept looking for the finished peony, but it isn’t here. I have a few UFO’s myself :>) But I do hope you’ll finish the peony. Your completion of the Fairy Godmother was very good. I have wanted to stitch that for years, and I have the pattern for it. Thanks for sharing, and I do hope you’ll get back to embroidery soon!

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