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My current projects

Wow I have not been doing any posting.  Work is such a drag that I rarely want to get on the computer to do anything but look at stuff.  I also found having to hook my camera up via a cord rather discouraging.  I got a mackbook when my pc laptop screen crapped out on me and the memory card slot wasn’t compatible.  A couple of weeks ago I finally got a new camera that does have a compatible memory card for the slot in the mac.  So all I have to do is pop out the card and stick it in the computer.  No cord!!  I was forever forgetting where I put the cord.

I haven’t really finished anything since Christmas.  I am working on a few things though.  Two things are for friends at work to show my appreciation for their being them.  In the spring there was a 6 week bus strike in Halifax.  I do not have a car so I asked my friend/co-worker if I could get a drive with her every day.  She was happy to help out.  Her husband drops her off and picks her up everyday anyway and they live on my side of the bridge (Dartmouth).  The big thing with her being that she would not take money for the car pooling.  So in return for their generosity I am stitching Ann-Marie Sweet Pea Gazebo by Victoria Sampler.  I have done stitching for her before, so I know she likes needlework.  Here is a recent picture:

Sweet Pea Gazebo - Victoria Sampler
Sweet Pea Gazebo – Victoria Sampler

I was reading Giovanna’s stitches blog and saw her finished  Mystery Summer Sampler offered by By the Bay Needleart .  I immediately thought it would make the perfect gift for my friend/co-worker Beth.  Our “department” is now just the two of us and we have been pulling together to get the work done.  I’ve gotten a little more done since I took the picture.

Mystery Summer Sampler – By the Bay Needleart

My other piece is Amazing Colour by Needle Delights Originals.  It is just for me and there is so much colour in it that it perks my mood up just to work on it.  Each square is a different stitch and I don’t get bored with the piece at all.

Amazing Color – Needle Delights
single block from Amazing Color – Needle Delights