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Winter – Dressmakers’ Daughter – no beads

I finished the stitching for the Winter portion of the pattern.  I started on August 2nd.  It’s so pretty.  I will have to slow down and think about my Christmas stitching now though.

While I was on vacation I stayed with my cousin and her boyfriend’s son is entranced by stitching or knitting.  If he sees one of us stitching he’ll come over and watch.  I was halfway through Winter and focusing on getting the blue branches done and he is sitting right next to me watching.  He pipes up and says, “Can’t you switch colours?”  I explained that I wanted to get all of one colour done before switching a colour.  Another minute passes and he asks me to switch colours and to pick one from the box (where I have all the colours on floss cards).  I open the box and he picks one of the colours that go with Autumn.  I explain that he has to pick a colour that belongs with the picture of Winter.  He got that alright and asked me to use the lavender background colour.  I put the floss on the needle and start stitching.  A minute passes and he asks,”Do you get bored watching?”  I laughed and asked him to tell me since he was the one watching.  His answer, “Yes”.  I laughed even more because while he considered it boring he was still watching me stitch like a hawk.  He’s just started grade 1 this year.  I think that when he is older he’ll definitely be able to concentrate on a hobby that requires attention to detail.

Here is the finished Winter (sans beads):

Dressmakers’ Daughter – Mirabilia
Milk Chocolate 32 ct linen