Tambour Embroidery

My cat likes Tambour Emobroidery

I noticed something rather funny this morning.  I normally have about 30 minutes to sit down in the morning before leaving for work.  I spend the time stitching, knitting or crocheting.  This morning I was practising tambour.  My cat, Abbie, is 15 years old and as a kitten she was very interested in my embroidery.  She would often lie down on my knees and press her paws against the back of the linen and I would see her nails poking through.  As the years went on she has settled with sleeping/sitting next to me and not shown a big interest in my embroidery.

This morning as I was putting in some stitches with my tambour hook I notice that Abbie is sitting next to me paying very close attention.  I am able to move faster with the stitches now…still a snails pace I’m sure, but fast enough to catch the cat’s eyes.  The thread in my left hand, under the frame moves around a lot and she was sitting up with her head tilted to see under the frame.


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