Mary's Reticule · Tambour Embroidery

Tambour improvement

I’ve been working on tambour embroidery every day for over a month now.  I am satisfied that I can now tackle the reticule reproduction.  Initially I would turn the frame to do a shape…now I don’t.  I was using a needle to plunge thread and help me turn…now I use the tambour needle.  I have better and more consistent tension than before…to begin with I was pulling too tight.  My stitches are more uniform as well.  I’m pleased that the work I’ve put into learning is paying off.

I’ll be starting on the real thing in a month.  The fabric is ordered and I’m picking it up today.  Now to figure out which pattern transfer method to do.  I’m leaning towards prick and pounce because that is historically accurate and because I don’t like using pencil on this type of project.  I find the lead gets on the threads.  I only know how to do prick and pounce in theory…we’ll see what happens.



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