Sweet Heart of Mine

In February 2013 I went down to Williamsburg, Virginia for a stitching retreat. I have had all of the stitching done for a while now but I hadn’t completed the finishing.  I had the needle book done in 2014 but it was only this weekend that I finished the scissors case and the floss purse.    I’ve never been great at mitred corners but I think these ones are pretty good.  

Chicken Scratch Embroidery

I hadn’t been posting a lot lately but now I’m in the mood.  I have been curious about Chicken Scratch Embroidery/Gingham Embroidery since I saw a mention of it on Mary Corbet’s site Needle n’ Thread.  I got a kit to make a table cloth and am currently working on the centre portion of the fabric.  The pattern uses double sided cross stitch.  I love the shade of green…it makes me think of spring.  Next I want to try the Christmas tree ornament.


Time for Christmas Stitching

I have a couple of Christmas ornaments stitched so far.  My cousin had twin babies in February so I stitched JBW Designs Baby’s First Christmas Ornaments.  I did the Stocking and Rocking Horse.  I am going to do the Gingerbread Boy and put “Granny’s First Christmas” on it for my Aunt.

JBW Designs – Baby’s First Christmas – Rocking Horse