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2014 Scott Manor House Exhibit

Last year we took a break from organizing and presenting the display but this year we are back at it.

Anyone in the area is welcome to stop in and view our work.  Our display is presented in groups of technique (crewel, cross stitch, etc.) as well as showing off our program pieces and EAC group correspondence work.  Whenever we are out in the public the main feedback from visitors is that they could never do that, it’s too fancy, or they don’t have the patience.  This year we have decided to show off our UFO piles.  Partially completed projects that maybe we struggled with and set aside out of frustration, or set aside because something else caught our eye, or we just got bored with it.  We want people to see the beginning and middle stages as well as the finished product in hopes that it comes across as more accessible and less intimidating activity.


Location:  Scott Manor House, 15 Fort Sackville Rd, Bedford, NS

When: August 11 – 17

Time:  1-4pm daily


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Town Clock Stitchers Scott Manor House Exhibit July 2010

I didn’t post all summer…but here are the pictures from my guilds exhibit in July.  Once again the exhibit was gorgeous.  Jean organized and several guild members volunteered as support staff for the week.  Walking in the exhibit room the first thing people saw was a crewel embroidery piece of all the provincial flowers in Canada designed and stitched by Janet Brown.  This corner of the exhibit was for crewel embroidery, thread painting, and candlewicking.

Just inside the door to the right of the crewel embroidery was our display for the Christmas Fund Raisers that our guild stitches every year.   Cross stitch ornaments on wreaths and a banner of four hardanger hearts. 

Then moving left…

Well that is it for my exhibit pictures.  I have been stitching myself and will post that in a seperate entry.  I did a lot of stitching on a few different things…so I only finished one thing this summer (a Christmas present for my cousin).  I’m about 75% through a Mirabilia piece.

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Town Clock Stitchers Scott Manor House Exhibit

Each year my guild puts together a display at Scott Manor House in Bedford, NS.  This year it runs from Monday, July 5 to Sunday, July 11.  The exhibit room is open from 1-4 pm each day during that time and volunteers from the guild are always there to answer questions or get some stitching done.  There is also a tea room in the same building which sells tea and ice cream. I wasn’t able to go to last year’s exhibit but I will definitely be there this year.  In 2008 I posted pictures of the exhibit.

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Stitchy Stuff

I am an office worker, so that means I’m on the computer for the day.  It’s been sooo busy at work for the past while that I don’t want to spend my time in the evening on my laptop.  So I mainly stitch. 

The September and October Town Clock Stitchers meetings were good.  September was an orientation of sorts…catch up on guild business and get an overview of what is to come for the 2008-09 year.  We decided to on a do-it-yourself workshop this fall.  One of the members had displayed a piece at Scott Manor House called “Four Sheep Grazing” and everyone loved it.  We got permission from the designer to use the pattern in a workshop and we started in October.  A few members are leading the way because they have more experience with a certain aspect of the technique (i.e, fabric painting for the background) and to keep us on track (thanks to Agnes and Jean).  Back to the meeting…we went over the eac group course offerings and the seminar in May. 

The October meeting was a little bit of business and then getting started on our program for October/November.  It’s a christmas ornament stitched on congress cloth.  I’m doing mine in blue metallics because I decorate with blue and silver. 

I had to think about what I want to do about vacation next year.  I usually go to PEI and stay with my grandmother, but it ends up being more stressful than work.  I figured that out because I spent the first week of my vacation at home and even though I didn’t do anything I enjoyed it more.  Anyway, I have decided that I am going to go to the EAC Seminar in Kingston, Ontario ‘Thousand Islands Thousand Stitches‘ in May ’09.  I know for sure I’ll enjoy it, since it is a vacation spent doing what I like best…stitching.

I’m the newsletter editor for my guild and I’ve been working on getting that together. 

Tonight is our November meeting, and then a week from today will be our December social and the draw for the 2 ornament wreaths that we stitched for our fund raiser.

Sorry, no pics this post.

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Scott Manor House exhibit

The guild I belong to, Town Clock Stitchers of Halifax, put on an exhibit at the Scott Manor House in Bedford this past week.  Since I work during the week I volunteered my time on Saturday and Sunday afternoon.  I was very impressed by the exhibit this year, so many of the pieces that members put on display were sparkly this year (my fave kind).  J did an amazing job of organizing and setting up the exhibit for us.  The work was set up to emphasize learning.  We had a table dedicated to the group work that members have done. 

Starting with our “Welcome” table which we set our fund raiser on, and guest book. 

I’ll go around the room, the next thing that a guest would see is the table and wall that all of the Crewel embroidery was set up on.

Crewel work
Crewel work
This one of a kind Crewel Embroidery pieces was designed and stitched by JB.
Crewel Embrodiery of the Halifax Public Garden band stand designed and stitched by JB
Halifax Public Gardens band stand
Next was the cross stitch, petit point wall and our EAC table.
The Rose of Sharon and Morning Song were stitched by me.
Our EAC table underneath the cross stitch consists of many of the correspondance courses that the Embrodierers’ Association of Canada offers.  (Casalguidi, Schwalm, Deerfield, Blackwork, Crewel, pulled work, drawn thread, Richelieu and hardanger – I might be missing one or two).
Next is the display case which houses several unframed pieces, some smaller items that have been finished into ornaments, or purses, stuff like that:
The last portion of the room was the canvas work wall and the table with the items that have been finished into pillows.  I was most distracted 😉 by the canvas work wall since I have been planning on tackeling this type of needlework in the fall.
It’s not a close up picture, and you don’t get the full effect because everything was so sparkly. 
This is the third year the TCS have hosted an exhibit at Scott Manor House and it is a great way for members and guests to see all kinds of different work.  Members bring in their WIPs and smaller framed pieces to meetings for show and tell, but its not the same as seeing so many things in one place (I think there were about 130 pieces in the exhibit).
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Back to it

I attended a wedding last weekend and when I got back I decided to move a week early just to get it over with.  So I haven’t had any time to cross stitch in the evenings.  Nearly a whole week without stitching.  I didn’t really start missing it until last night when I had all my furniture and boxes moved into the new place and I don’t get the cable hooked up until Monday morning.  My brother and a friend of his helped me move the heavy stuff (nearly all of it was heavy) and I moved clothes, linens and other small items.  There was 90% humidity so the three of us were soaked and I made sure that we all kept drinking water and gatorade.  I moved up two floors in the same building and don’t have to turn in the keys to the old place until Tuesday night.  So this evening after it cools off (and after my brother and I have gone to see ‘Dark Knight’) we are going to finish up downstairs (cleaning floors and mostly removing cat hair from the carpet around the baseboards) and he’ll help me arrange the furniture in the new place.  I am so thankful that my brother is helping me, I wouldn’t have been able to do it without him. 

I start vacation in two weeks and I’m looking forward to that.  I’ll be home for one week and then visiting family on PEI for the second week.  Plenty of time to putter around and unpack.  Now that I have a second bedroom I can use it for storing my cross stitch supplies and ongoing projects in.  It’ll be a craft room/guest bedroom.  My new apartment is on the harbour side of my building and I get the breeze off the water.  I swear it it 5-10 degrees cooler than my old apartment.  I haven’t had to use my fans since I got up here, whereas I would have to downstairs.  Anyway, I’ll be posting pics next weekend.  I am hosting at the Scott Manor house exhibit on either Saturday or Sunday (don’t know which yet) and I’ll be taking pictures of the exhibit.