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Always stitching

I haven’t posted much over the summer…about once a month.  I’ve certainly been stitching though.  I’ve finished 3 Christmas presents and started a fourth.   I did a little blackwork design of a lobster.  I printed a picture of a lobster and used graph paper to get the basic outlines going.  I have PCStitch so I used that program to finish the design.  I love my lobster!
Melissa's Lobster 2009
Melissa's Lobster 2009
Two Saturdays ago three of us (Janet, Elizabeth and I) travelled from Halifax, Nova Scotia to Moncton, New Brunswick (about a three hour drive) to visit Because You Count…the most local LNS that we have.  There are only two or three places in Halifax/Dartmouth where we can get DMC floss and that is it.  Because You Count has all kinds of stuff…Caron products, Rainbow Gallery products, Weeks Dye Works, Threadworkx, Kreinik, DMC, Mill Hill, loads of fabric and patterns and probably more stuff that I can recall.  Kids in a candy store!  Janet drove and she has a GPS, so we didn’t have to worry about navigating at all. 

Marilyn Leavitt-Imblum is one of my favourite designers.  I love her free angel designs.  Over the summer I stitched her 1997 and 2005 Angels.

1997 and 2005 Angel - Marilyn Leavitt-Imblum
1997 and 2005 Angel - Marilyn Leavitt-Imblum
They look adorable side by side, but I’ll be splitting them up and giving them to two different people for Christmas.
I finished working on a free design by Martina Webber/Chatelaine called Kathy’s Violets.
Kathy's Violets - Martina Webber / Chatelaine c.2002
Kathy's Violets - Martina Webber / Chatelaine c.2002
I am also working on Mirabilia’s 2006 Cherub. 
The 2006 Cherub - Mirabilia
The 2006 Cherub - Mirabilia
Our guild resumes it’s meetings tomorrow night for the 2009-10 year.  Looking forward to seeing what everyone has been working on over the summer.
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Town Clock Stitchers February Meeting

At the meeting we talked about what we’ll be doing for a fund raiser this year.  We have decided to do the same amount of stitching but some of it will be different.  We’ll be doing Snow Baby ornies and something in hardanger instead of two sets of the same designs.  I volunteered to do a hardanger ornie.  As yet I have not gotten very into finishing projects as ornaments so I am looking forward to learning more about that. 

The programme team continued with the Richelieu doilie instructions.  I was worried about doing the ‘Y’ button hole bar, and wanted to stitch it in the meeting so I would have help if I needed it.  ‘Y’ bar wasn’t that bad. 


A few of us were talking about how to do buttonhole stitches on the outlines because we want to keep things even looking.  Someone mentioned a basting stitch which I will end up doing.  When the designer was contacted to ask if we could use her pattern for the group she was more than happy that we planned on doing the doilie.  She wants to see pictures of the various doilies that everyone is producing.  There are many different colours on the go….variagated and solid.  The designer’s name is Margaret Beemsterboer.


I have been working on my Beginner Blackwork piece from EAC’s correspondance course designed by Colleen Darling.  Once I finish the border I’ll post a full picture.

EAC Beginner Blackwork

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Been busy…lots planned for this year

I’ve decided that Christmas 2009 will be one of stitchy gifts.  I am going to do smaller ones.  I like stitching Marilyn Leavitt-Imblum’s free angels…they work up quickly and the result is wonderful.  I’ve already stitched a couple for presents before.

I am working on the Challenge that my guild is doing.  We did one last year (I made a biscornu) and I got third place in the votes.  The parameters of the challenge are to stitch a sampler  that is 3-4 inches wide and 6 inches long and is original (i.e., not straight out of a pattern book).  We have to keep it secret from the rest of the guild members though, so I can’t describe it or post pics until after the May meeting.  The point is to vote on your favourite without knowing who stitched it and the top three winners get a little prize.  I’ve already started mine, I would rather have it done well before May because…

I am going to be doing another correspondance course from EAC this year.  I have chosen the Beginner Blackwork Embroidery by Colleen Darling.  I am the only one in my guild doing this one this year. 

Town Clock Stitchers January meeting is on the 27th this month, we are going to be doing a small richelieu (cutwork embroidery) piece.  Just big enough to get a feel for the techinque, which I like. 

I’ll post about the stitching I’ve been up to later.  I’ve been working on Book of Ink Circles and an HAED Book keep.

I am looking forward to the EAC Seminar in May, I haven’t found out what classes I ended up with.