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EAC Seminar 2009 Kingston, ON

It’s been a while since my last post…life interrupts.  Getting over a sinus headache, busy at work, muscle spasm in my neck and a mother in the hospital for a week.  Well I’m all better, it’s the weekend and my mom got home a couple of days ago and is feeling better. 

I had a good time at seminar.  My favourite part was the boutique.  Five different vendours had all kinds of threads, fabrics, patterns, beads and books available for purusal and purchase everyday!!  There isn’t a needlework shop of that magnitude in Halifax so it was a real treat and my only regret is not being prepared with a huge list of things that I wanted.  I’ll take a picture of my stash haul later (camera batteries are getting charged up).

The two classes that I took were great.  Carolyn Mitchell is a really nice person and a great teacher.  She made sure that we knew how to stitch the more complicated / out of the ordinary stitches and talked about the design so we would be prepared to work on it individually after we got home.  My second class was equally pleasant.  Sylvia Murariu also made sure we practised the stitches and talked about the use of rayon threads.  I would recommend both ladies as teachers, they definitely put thought into how to present the designs in a manner that will make it a good learning environment for students.

Here are the pictures of my class projects progress as of today. 

Mystique by Carolyn Mitchell

 progress as of 10 Jul 09center squaresouth section

Plumage Extravaganza by Sylvia Murariu









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What’s in a name…

In our guild (and I think this is common to most guilds) we are supposed to have a stitched name tag.  I’ve been with my guild for three years now and haven’t gotten around to stitching one.  I am tagless no longer, I finally stitched my name and am in the process of finishing the edges.  I used PCStitch to make a cross stitch pattern for my name from the Curlz font.  To answer the question of what’s in a name…silk.  I had silk perle left over from doing a project and I like the colours so I used them.  Gloriana Stranded silk 124 Holiday Blue for my name and for the edgeing I’ll be using Thread Gatherer Silk Perle 081 Forget Me Not.  I have never done hardanger edges before, so I tried a little test of six kloster blocks and button hole stitch edge, then I cut the outside fabric away.  I still need to work on the inside turns on the button hole stitch.  Here is the finished name tag:

Melissa's Name Tag

The new motivation to finish a name tag comes from my May plans.  I am attending the EAC Seminar “Thousand Islands Thousand Stitches” in Kingston, Ontario. I am taking two course (each two days long).  The first one is called “Mystique” taught by Carolyn Mitchell it’s canvaswork.  The second class is “Plumage Extravaganza” taught by Sylvia Murariu, it’s Brazilian Embroidery.  I am looking forward to both, and think that it will be really interesting to learn the Brazilian Embroidery because it’s seems to be more about working with different fibres because I know the basic stitches involved.  Flight and accomodations are booked. 

So aside from that I have two wedding gifts to stitch for the summer.  The first wedding is in July and the second is in August, both for cousins. 

Town Clock Stitchers are participating in Seminar 2011 which is going to be held in Sackville, New Brunswick.  We are going to be facilitating the design and distribution of kits for stitched fund raiser items.  I’m on the Fund Raiser committee.  The Maritime guilds are all pitching in to cover different aspects of the seminar. 

Tomorrow is the Saturday Stitch In and I have to get the TCS newsletter finished this weekend.

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Christmas Stitching

The Oct/Nov programme for my guild was to stitch and finish a counted canvas ornament.  I didn’t finish mine in time for our Nov meeting, but paid attention to how it was done and was able to finish mine at home the following week.Counted Canvas Heart

Jean provided us with the outline and we used her suggestions for filling stitches, or found some stitches on our own.  I used a Leaf stitch on the right and a Tweed stitch on the left, and the center is long arm cross stitch done in Japan Thread.  The three major colours are white and burgundy (both perle cotton) and gold (rainbow gallery petite treasure braid).

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Getting some “Air”

I am going to be trying my hand at canvas work.  A fellow TCS member lent me a pattern she thought I would enjoy stitching as a first piece.  The pattern name is “Air” by Toni L. Figgins c1995.  The Rainbow Gallery colours are: Raspberry (Encore), Copper (Fyre Werks), Cherry (Neon Rays), Wild Rose (Pebbly Perle), Rose Pink Dark (Splendor), and Bronze (Tiara).  The mono canvas is black.  I can hardly wait!  I’ll do the floss toss once the threads and canvas arrive from Nordic Needle and post the pic.


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Scott Manor House exhibit

The guild I belong to, Town Clock Stitchers of Halifax, put on an exhibit at the Scott Manor House in Bedford this past week.  Since I work during the week I volunteered my time on Saturday and Sunday afternoon.  I was very impressed by the exhibit this year, so many of the pieces that members put on display were sparkly this year (my fave kind).  J did an amazing job of organizing and setting up the exhibit for us.  The work was set up to emphasize learning.  We had a table dedicated to the group work that members have done. 

Starting with our “Welcome” table which we set our fund raiser on, and guest book. 

I’ll go around the room, the next thing that a guest would see is the table and wall that all of the Crewel embroidery was set up on.

Crewel work
Crewel work
This one of a kind Crewel Embroidery pieces was designed and stitched by JB.
Crewel Embrodiery of the Halifax Public Garden band stand designed and stitched by JB
Halifax Public Gardens band stand
Next was the cross stitch, petit point wall and our EAC table.
The Rose of Sharon and Morning Song were stitched by me.
Our EAC table underneath the cross stitch consists of many of the correspondance courses that the Embrodierers’ Association of Canada offers.  (Casalguidi, Schwalm, Deerfield, Blackwork, Crewel, pulled work, drawn thread, Richelieu and hardanger – I might be missing one or two).
Next is the display case which houses several unframed pieces, some smaller items that have been finished into ornaments, or purses, stuff like that:
The last portion of the room was the canvas work wall and the table with the items that have been finished into pillows.  I was most distracted 😉 by the canvas work wall since I have been planning on tackeling this type of needlework in the fall.
It’s not a close up picture, and you don’t get the full effect because everything was so sparkly. 
This is the third year the TCS have hosted an exhibit at Scott Manor House and it is a great way for members and guests to see all kinds of different work.  Members bring in their WIPs and smaller framed pieces to meetings for show and tell, but its not the same as seeing so many things in one place (I think there were about 130 pieces in the exhibit).