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Finished Retirement Present

All the stitching is done on Full Bloom.  I’ve assembled it and now I have to get a frame for it.  I really like it.  I needed the needle painting practice in advance of my EAC Seminar class in a couple of weeks.  

I’m taking Alison Cole’s Siennese Illuminated Treasure  and Kathryn Drummond’s Bluebells.  It will be this year’s “fancy” vacation.  All together I will have three days of free time.  Naturally I’ll be going to the ROM, the Bata Shoe Museum and the Textile Museum of Canada.  Other touristy stuff as well but right now I’m just playing it by ear.

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Town Clock Stitchers Scott Manor House Exhibit July 2010

I didn’t post all summer…but here are the pictures from my guilds exhibit in July.  Once again the exhibit was gorgeous.  Jean organized and several guild members volunteered as support staff for the week.  Walking in the exhibit room the first thing people saw was a crewel embroidery piece of all the provincial flowers in Canada designed and stitched by Janet Brown.  This corner of the exhibit was for crewel embroidery, thread painting, and candlewicking.

Just inside the door to the right of the crewel embroidery was our display for the Christmas Fund Raisers that our guild stitches every year.   Cross stitch ornaments on wreaths and a banner of four hardanger hearts. 

Then moving left…

Well that is it for my exhibit pictures.  I have been stitching myself and will post that in a seperate entry.  I did a lot of stitching on a few different things…so I only finished one thing this summer (a Christmas present for my cousin).  I’m about 75% through a Mirabilia piece.

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EAC Seminar 2009 Kingston, ON

It’s been a while since my last post…life interrupts.  Getting over a sinus headache, busy at work, muscle spasm in my neck and a mother in the hospital for a week.  Well I’m all better, it’s the weekend and my mom got home a couple of days ago and is feeling better. 

I had a good time at seminar.  My favourite part was the boutique.  Five different vendours had all kinds of threads, fabrics, patterns, beads and books available for purusal and purchase everyday!!  There isn’t a needlework shop of that magnitude in Halifax so it was a real treat and my only regret is not being prepared with a huge list of things that I wanted.  I’ll take a picture of my stash haul later (camera batteries are getting charged up).

The two classes that I took were great.  Carolyn Mitchell is a really nice person and a great teacher.  She made sure that we knew how to stitch the more complicated / out of the ordinary stitches and talked about the design so we would be prepared to work on it individually after we got home.  My second class was equally pleasant.  Sylvia Murariu also made sure we practised the stitches and talked about the use of rayon threads.  I would recommend both ladies as teachers, they definitely put thought into how to present the designs in a manner that will make it a good learning environment for students.

Here are the pictures of my class projects progress as of today. 

Mystique by Carolyn Mitchell

 progress as of 10 Jul 09center squaresouth section

Plumage Extravaganza by Sylvia Murariu









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Town Clock Stitchers February Meeting

At the meeting we talked about what we’ll be doing for a fund raiser this year.  We have decided to do the same amount of stitching but some of it will be different.  We’ll be doing Snow Baby ornies and something in hardanger instead of two sets of the same designs.  I volunteered to do a hardanger ornie.  As yet I have not gotten very into finishing projects as ornaments so I am looking forward to learning more about that. 

The programme team continued with the Richelieu doilie instructions.  I was worried about doing the ‘Y’ button hole bar, and wanted to stitch it in the meeting so I would have help if I needed it.  ‘Y’ bar wasn’t that bad. 


A few of us were talking about how to do buttonhole stitches on the outlines because we want to keep things even looking.  Someone mentioned a basting stitch which I will end up doing.  When the designer was contacted to ask if we could use her pattern for the group she was more than happy that we planned on doing the doilie.  She wants to see pictures of the various doilies that everyone is producing.  There are many different colours on the go….variagated and solid.  The designer’s name is Margaret Beemsterboer.


I have been working on my Beginner Blackwork piece from EAC’s correspondance course designed by Colleen Darling.  Once I finish the border I’ll post a full picture.

EAC Beginner Blackwork

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Town Clock Stitchers 27 Jan 09 Meeting

First meeting since November.  Seems like forever.  We talked about guild stuff and then started working on the programme for the evening.  A small coaster size richelieu doily.  The technique isn’t so bad, so far….just single and double running stitches to outline the center portion and then make the detached parts (not sure of the right terminology at the moment) with long stitches and wrapping those with buttonhole stitches.   A few of the members took the Beginner Richelieu course from EAC last year and they were leading the teaching.  I like the intro size pieces that our guild does, just big enough to get you interested and not large enough to discourage.Richelieu

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Been busy…lots planned for this year

I’ve decided that Christmas 2009 will be one of stitchy gifts.  I am going to do smaller ones.  I like stitching Marilyn Leavitt-Imblum’s free angels…they work up quickly and the result is wonderful.  I’ve already stitched a couple for presents before.

I am working on the Challenge that my guild is doing.  We did one last year (I made a biscornu) and I got third place in the votes.  The parameters of the challenge are to stitch a sampler  that is 3-4 inches wide and 6 inches long and is original (i.e., not straight out of a pattern book).  We have to keep it secret from the rest of the guild members though, so I can’t describe it or post pics until after the May meeting.  The point is to vote on your favourite without knowing who stitched it and the top three winners get a little prize.  I’ve already started mine, I would rather have it done well before May because…

I am going to be doing another correspondance course from EAC this year.  I have chosen the Beginner Blackwork Embroidery by Colleen Darling.  I am the only one in my guild doing this one this year. 

Town Clock Stitchers January meeting is on the 27th this month, we are going to be doing a small richelieu (cutwork embroidery) piece.  Just big enough to get a feel for the techinque, which I like. 

I’ll post about the stitching I’ve been up to later.  I’ve been working on Book of Ink Circles and an HAED Book keep.

I am looking forward to the EAC Seminar in May, I haven’t found out what classes I ended up with.

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Stitchy Stuff

I am an office worker, so that means I’m on the computer for the day.  It’s been sooo busy at work for the past while that I don’t want to spend my time in the evening on my laptop.  So I mainly stitch. 

The September and October Town Clock Stitchers meetings were good.  September was an orientation of sorts…catch up on guild business and get an overview of what is to come for the 2008-09 year.  We decided to on a do-it-yourself workshop this fall.  One of the members had displayed a piece at Scott Manor House called “Four Sheep Grazing” and everyone loved it.  We got permission from the designer to use the pattern in a workshop and we started in October.  A few members are leading the way because they have more experience with a certain aspect of the technique (i.e, fabric painting for the background) and to keep us on track (thanks to Agnes and Jean).  Back to the meeting…we went over the eac group course offerings and the seminar in May. 

The October meeting was a little bit of business and then getting started on our program for October/November.  It’s a christmas ornament stitched on congress cloth.  I’m doing mine in blue metallics because I decorate with blue and silver. 

I had to think about what I want to do about vacation next year.  I usually go to PEI and stay with my grandmother, but it ends up being more stressful than work.  I figured that out because I spent the first week of my vacation at home and even though I didn’t do anything I enjoyed it more.  Anyway, I have decided that I am going to go to the EAC Seminar in Kingston, Ontario ‘Thousand Islands Thousand Stitches‘ in May ’09.  I know for sure I’ll enjoy it, since it is a vacation spent doing what I like best…stitching.

I’m the newsletter editor for my guild and I’ve been working on getting that together. 

Tonight is our November meeting, and then a week from today will be our December social and the draw for the 2 ornament wreaths that we stitched for our fund raiser.

Sorry, no pics this post.